Soap2Hope helps build awareness, offers resources and advocates for women, men and teenagers; who have been sexually exploited, sex trafficked and working in the sex trade. Individuals who are facing addictions, abuse and trauma in our local vulnerable community. We are helping to bridge the gaps in our system that our Founder, January Riggin, experienced through her own sexual and physical abuse, sex exploitation and addiction. She has 13 years in recovery. She faced many barriers with criminal system, being alone and lacked resources. She decided to create Soap2Hope nonprofit organization building awareness, advocacy, and hope.

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501c3 nonprofit organization  with the IRS. Upon request will provide EIN for donations or documentation for tax deductible purposes.

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Weekly outreach on Tuesdays

Dec.5, 2019 Not For Sale fundraiser 

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Who we are

Street level outreach, street level connection, street level conversations to provide resources, build hope, meet people where they're at, breaking stigmas! THEY MATTER !


HARM reduction matters

WE have community partners and supporters to help us, provide syringe exchange, basic wound care needs, naloxone, hygiene weekly in to our population in isolated and vulnerable communities suffering from trauma, addiction, infection, STDs, hunger, lack of support and resources.

Share who we are

Like our FB page, follow US on Instagram, share our posts and videos on your page, invite others to our page, post who you are and become part of the soap2hope FAMILY. It is a WE thing, We need you, IT matters, YOU matter, connection is the opposite of addiction.


Many ways to donate: on this website, on our FB page, create a fundraiser, our amazon WISHLIST has all our supplies for weekly outreach ships directly to US, contact us to pick up items, supplies, used or new clothing, and send checks to our address. THANK YOU